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Case Sciarroni – Notaresco I-64024 Teramo (TE) – ITALY

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Menta Miton Cucine Made In


The new Miton Cucine’s catalog is enriched by Ménta Collection, whose greatest strength is customization.

There are several combinations available to furnish the kitchen flexibly and to project the space that gets closer mostly to our desires.

Miton makes way for creativity to select finishes, colors and materials that best express the aesthetic ideal for each one of us.

The customer has a wide range of possibilities, even when it’s about to evaluate other essential aspects, such as the choice of the opening systems or the top coating.

The great freedom of composition, that is at the basis of Ménta Collection, is given by Miton’s will to spread its idea of “democratic” design and therefore available to everyone.

Ménta_02: one island, three different levels

Ménta_02 is a kitchen island, articulated in three different levels, in a mixture of diverse materials, all fully harmonized.

In the lower part the laminated Fenix Verde Comodoro gives a chromatic touch to the composition and also characterizes it for the originality.

The frontals open up through a black Jay handle, an aluminum profile embedded on the top edge of the door, that produces a similar effect to groove.

The second level is characterized by a drawer and a stone laminated Mailand plamky worktop, on which the third part of the island, represented by an elegant snack sandwich plane, is grafted.

It is about a bilaminate wood Rovere Terranera surface that is the result of the connection of two panels, placed externally, with a third dark-colored one, located at the center, which has the characteristic of being reentrant.

In this way, a shadow cone effect is obtained.

The snack plane is suitable for many uses, among these, there are the possibility to eat meals rapidly and the need to encourage the sociality even during food preparation.

Three types of Waind Systems with wide modularity

In Ménta_02 the rhythm is given by the contrast between the horizontal development of the island and the vertical development of the columns, provided with a vertical groove opening system.

The latter are divided into two blocks, of which two are placed externally and are defined by different materials and finishes.

The left segment is in glossy lacquered Beige Kenia, whereas the right one is in bilaminate wood in Rovere Terranera.

The Waind_K system (technical column) is inserted in the middle. It is about a modular project that allows the location of home appliances, such as built-in ovens, in the central part of it.

Extra panels are available in different colors, to customize the back panels of the open compartments, which have limited capacities in the upper and lower part.

In order to highlight the technical column in bilaminate wood Rovere Terranera, you can opt for LED “duplex” lightning, that produces a back effect.

The high carter, a profile in black aluminum, covers the frontal board of the horizontal components, while the dark-colored junctions link the several elements of the modular project and smooth the connection points.

Both these characteristics can be founded in the elegant geometries of the bifacial Waind L library in bilaminate wood Rovere Terranera.

It is presented as a set of open compartments completely without doors and is illuminated through LED mire, that has to be integrated shelf to shelf.

It dominates the central island and contributes to the separation of the operational area from the convivial one, always towards the living.

To top it all, there are the Waind cupboards, freestanding modules with a height of 138 cm.

They represent an interesting furnishing solution, to establish links between the kitchen and the living. They are composed of two drawers and some open compartments in which a LED illumination can be integrated. Their dimensions are bigger in the upper part where you can place objects, like small home appliances. In the end, they are supported by a Frame basement in black aluminum and they present a back panel in matt lacquered Verde bosco.



For further information about finishes and technical features, visit the section dedicated to Ménta_02.