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Case Sciarroni – Notaresco I-64024 Teramo (TE) – ITALY

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Medea Miton Cucine Made In


Médea: an industrial-chic environment

In the new collection Made In, Médea could not miss, a model that recalls the currently widespread industrial style, rereading it following Miton Cucine aesthetic standards. It is about a project, that has been created to resume some distinctive aspects of this type of furniture with metropolitan vibes, combining them with classical details, however, reinterpreted in a modern and dynamic key.

Médea is the ideal kitchen for people who love those environments that take inspiration from old factories through the use of exposed wooden beams, concrete roof slabs and the tendency to highlight some elements, such as pipes, bolts, wire, and electrical switches, that are usually hidden because of their lack of aesthetic value, on the walls, plain-colored but intentionally left rough. This model is not a simple imitation of that environment since it makes use of materials and finishes linked to that specific context, and it redesigns them in an “industrial chic” dimension.

Médea: an island with a modern personality

Médea presents clear and essential lines, and it is characterized by modern frontals. The frame doors are made up of several parts linked together. They are assembled in five pieces since they are composed of four elements, of which two horizontal (crosspieces) and two vertical (upright) with a width of 85 mm and a thickness of 20 mm, that surround a panel with the same finish but a thickness of 8 mm, located in the middle.

The central island is in lacquered matt Grigio Antracite finish, that together with black, beige and white create the perfect industrial style. The matt black handles Tube, that have been designed to recall the plumbing pipes, valorize the doors.

The Médea island ends with the modular shelves frame, which are two open structures in matt black aluminum with smoked glass shelves which remind the tendency of the industrial environment to not hide anything.

The hood Spazio of Falmec dominates the central worktop and it is composed of horizontal elements in fume glass- useful for placing pots or accessories – and a channel equipped with hooks to hang tools. The reference to large pendant lamps that illuminated the old factories, is very evident.

It also offers the possibility to host a small vegetable garden in it, that allows the cultivation of aromatic herbs giving both a cheerful and lively atmosphere to the kitchen. Moreover, you can choose to add LED to the hood, to project light beams to the worktop in Techno-stone Grigio Carnico brushed. This latter is composed of a snack plane in wood veneer Rovere naturale nodato, a particular resistant material with strong grains.

Médea: elegance and originality in a kitchen with metropolitan vibes

In Miton Cucine Médea, the monoblock sink in Techno-stone Grigio Carnico brushed, recalls the antique tubs in white ceramic, placed outsides the houses to wash. This model is not proposing a melancholic revocation of the past however it is marked by a strong metropolitan taste.

The warmth of the wall base units in bilaminate wood Rovere Antico is fundamental to split the tones of grey. The finish of the wall base units is coordinated with the one of the columns doors. Particularly fascinating is the chromatic contrast with the wall units, that are fitted with the same materials of the frontals of the central worktop.

The boiserie Frame, conceived to spice up the wall and accessorized with back-panels in bilaminate wood Rovere Rustico, is grafted laterally. It consists of partitions in matt black aluminum, that support shelves located at different heights and equipped with LED lighting system. The shelves are particularly suitable for placing flatware, small household appliances and any kind of objects you want to expose.



For further details about finishes and technical features, visit the section dedicated to Médea .