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LEVANTE miton cucine made in factory one

Levante: Old fashioned atmospheres for a timeless space

Levante: a kitchen with a British soul.

Levante ranks on a unique horizon into Miton Cucine’s new collection Made In. It is the perfect synthesis between simplicity and completeness, it represents the balance between different forms, and also the harmony that erases the contrast between distinct materials.

It has a typical British elegance in its DNA, that can be recognized by the ribbed glass, with an undeniable aesthetic taste; by the attention for details, that are not ostentatious at all, in fact, they are elegantly exposed, and by the warmth of the wood, real protagonist of this composition.

Levante is an incredibly cozy kitchen which can recreate the refined London houses atmosphere, nevertheless, it has a sophisticated character that projects itself into the exclusives New York attics at the same time. In this model we can immediately perceive a clear print of old fashion style, but…there’s much more!

Levante is a timeless space, because it goes beyond present time looking for sensations and emotions, it looks at the past to embrace the future, and as the rising sun, it glows with a timeless charm.

Levante: three frame doors, a unique classical inspiration.

Levante is ideally suited for lovers of the romantic kitchen, with sober and refined forms and light colors. Miton Cucine has therefore chosen matt lacquered Titan White as doors finish, made in pantographed MDF to obtain a framed effect.

The fronts are the main features of this model, which arises from the combination of three variants: standard, window and special. The perimeter of the standard door is surrounded by a 3 cm frame, while the window, in which the frame adorns an extra-clear flutes glass, is a unique reference to the old fashion style. In the special version of the front, a false drawer resumes the same décor of the ribbed glass, with an elegant set of internal references. The Ride handles in gunmetal finish stand out on the white of the doors.

The entire composition, from the fridge to the oven, from the window to the wash area, and again from the kitchenette to the convivial area of the table, is decorated with high thickness panels in matt lacquered, wood and stone. These panels are necessary to delimit and articulate, even visually, the function of all the areas which find their space in a Levante kitchen.

Levante: the contemporary charm.

The island of Levante presents an induction hob and a Statuario Altissimo matt Gres worktop, suitable for food preparation. The central worktop has a lowered area which hosts a table in planked wood veneer Rovere grigio Londra, with legs in matt black, given by industrial inspiration.

In Levante the traditional wall units leave space to boiserie Frame, to give character to the washing area. This last is composed by partitions in matt black aluminum which support shelves in planked wood veneer Rovere grigio Londra, placed at different heights and enlightened by LED lighting.

The monoblock sink in grès stone brown matt presents sinuous forms, and it’s inplanted into the worktop of the same finish. It interrupts the linearity of the fronts, especially thanks to the drawers in wood Rovere grigio Londra.



For more informations about finishes and technical features, please visit the section dedicated to Levante.