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menta menta 03 miton cubo design

MÉNTA… an eclectic collection

Discovering the true essence of Ménta.

In the Made In collection, Ménta collection represents one of Miton’s most beloved proposals, by the public and professionals from the world of furnishings.

The reasons for its great success can be found in the innermost essence of this deeply eclectic composition. It is hard to explain the motive of such a definition without first having understood the meaning, that describes the ability to choose with accuracy and passion between several things, without ever losing sight of the global harmony.


Andrea, a designer, has recently come to visit us, and he was asked what Ménta Collection represents for him.

Here’s some of the most significant moments of the interview with him:

-“If I say Ménta, what comes in your mind?”

-“Ménta by Miton Cucine is a challenge, but also an exciting opportunity for us designers”

-“Can you better explain the meaning of your words?”

-“Ménta is a stimulating challenge since designers and architects have to face up with a wide range of choices in the project phase of every single kitchen component. This is the reason why I mentioned the concept of opportunity, meaning that such flexible product is a unique chance for professionals to demonstrate their compositional skills and meet the needs of each customer, even the most undecided or demanding”


We asked Andrea how He would have introduced Ménta Collection to insiders and we decided to share his answer, which translates perfectly the idea of democratic design, which has always accompanied Miton Cucine.

“I would like to tell you 4 reasons why Ménta Collection is an integral part of many of my projects:

  • I can select finishes and different materials for the doors such as bilaminate, veneered or lacquered wood, just to name a few of the alternatives available;
  • I can choose the material for the worktop as I see fit,g opting for laminated or grés;
  • I am impressed by the modularity of Ménta and I am trying to favor the most optimal solution for my client in terms of ergonomics.
  • I like to choose between groove and handle, considering many interesting proposals such as Fuga, Jay or Vertex one, enhancing every open system with the most suitable finish.”

Ménta_03: a perfect ergonomic peninsula.

Ménta_03 is a peninsula kitchen that shift the environment thanks to an L-shaped development.

This composition is designed not only for an aesthetic purpose but also according to ergonomics studies. In fact, on the terminal corner, there is the washing position, to which a wide worktop in Marble Gray gres has been intentionally placed to restrict the movements among the different functional areas.

The Marble Gray has been chosen also for the backsplash since it also covers the wall in which the cooking area is inserted, topped by an invisible hood, carefully camouflaged between the wall units.

The doors of Miton Cucine’s Ménta_03 are in Grigio Antracite mat lacquered, a microstructural finish made through specific water paints that creates a delightful silk effect and also ensures resistance to stains, scratches, heat, and thermal shock. In the end, the part behind the peninsula shows a snack plane, thought to encourage conviviality during the meal preparation process.

Ménta_03: a peninsula in continuity with the living area.

In Ménta_03 by Miton Cucine, typical living elements have been used to create a continuation effect of the living area.

Above the peninsula there are inserted a boiserie, made up of shelves in which it is possible to integrate LED Mire; and Bellevue window wall units with a frame in black matt aluminum and shelves backlighted through LED “duplex”. There are also low bases in bilaminate grigio medio matt of essential design, whose function is always to create continuity with the living room. They represent a valid alternative to increase the storage capacity of Ménta_03.

The columns’ zone, which recalls the same material of the basis, constitutes a full integration of the living with the kitchen. It is a solution that originates from the fragmentation of a block, made of three elements with vertical development, through the insertion of a central gap which lightens the composition.

In this way the Waind L bookcase in bilaminate wood Noce naturale is created, with a succession of modular shelves with back-panels in Tessuto Tortora finish, which can be brightened through extra panels available in a wide range of colors.

In this modular system, black junctions give vigor to side panels and smooth connection points. You can opt for a lighting system through LED “duplex”, that allows the projection of beams of light both towards the upper part and the lower part of the horizontal components. The latter present on the frontal board, a profile in black aluminum, the shelf covering carter. Similar to the columns, the Waind cupboards in bilaminate wood Noce naturale represent connection elements of the kitchen with the living area.

They consist of modular shelves that can be covered with a lively back panel in lacquered matt Verde Bosco and lighted through LED. These freestanding modules, that also include two drawers, are supported by a Frame basement in black aluminum. They are 138 cm high and their capacity is greater in the upper shelf, where small home appliances can be easily placed.



For further information about finishes and technical features, visit the section dedicated to Ménta_03.