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anuba miton cucine made in factory one

ANUBA: Between the charm of the past and the emotions of the present

Anuba: your kitchen in retro style.

Anuba is the model from Miton’s new collection Made In, source of a profound retro inspiration.

This kitchen has been designed for all those who dream about bringing the old charm of marble grit paving, the evocative senses of gold and brass, and the trick of semi transparency of glass, ideally suited in order to give a glimpse of the internals and the doors, back to their homes.

Anuba is a mixture of styles which recalls the 50s and the 60s, without neglecting the heritage of the next decade design.

ANUBA: The past which never goes out of fashion.

Anuba takes its name from the ancient hinges used for furniture with hinged door, which are called anube indeed.

Thanks to this model, Miton does not surrender to a melancholic reproduction of the past, however, it chooses to enhance it, rediscovering and updating its elements and details.

The central island, the doors and the columns are characterized by brass inserts, which evoke the esthetic features of the past anube, reinterpreting them in a modern way.

Anuba revitalize the elegance of the old double door portals.

The horizontal lines, which are given by milling on the fronts, intersect with the vertical sides, placed on the laterals of the columns, to reproduce the framing effect of the old-fashioned antique doors.

Another main feature of Anuba, fundamental in order to embellish and to give elegance, are the Ride handles. They have been designed and manufactured by Miton Cucine exclusively to enrich the fronts of this model.

The Ride handles present the same finishes of anube, whereas doors, columns, and island are made in matt lacquered Grigio Antracite.


The central island of Anuba present the Plana mechanism, a sliding top, that can have a dual use.

On one side a practical snack plan flows, which is ideal for blending moments of conviviality with food preparation.

On the other side, when the kitchen is off, thanks to Plana the working area which is made in gres and has a fully flushed installation induction hob can be hidden as well.

If the Anuba sliding top is closed, a wide monolithic island in wood veneer plank rovere carbone appears, which creates a chromatic clash with the sink block made in techno-stone Grigio Carnico.

The sink block is particularly high and deep to recall the ancient outdoor washrooms.

In Anuba a real touch of glamour is given by the Wireframe hood, in black anodized aluminum and flutes extraclear glass with skydome Elica.

Miton Cucine has, indeed, re-evaluate the traditional appliance through a central structure which conveys smoke and vapour into its internal part. It is accompanied by laterals modules, with the same esthetic of the hood, which integrate lights for an homogeneous lighting of the island.

« The past is not dead. In fact, it’s not even past. »
(William Faulkner)

For more informations about finishes and technical features, please visit the section dedicated to Anuba.