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Case Sciarroni – Notaresco I-64024 Teramo (TE) – ITALY

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Amari Miton Cucine Made In


Miton Cucine’s Amari is the result of a complex project research that drives to explore all the innovative possibilities of the deconstruction process.

It is created with the idea of revolutionizing the traditional concept of the wall, following the deconstruction method to obtain several micro-areas with different functions.

An extremely narrow frame in black matt aluminum profile marks this subdivision. In this way, the columns stand out, where every single Amari’s door in bilaminate wood Rovere Terranera, despite being part of an originally unified group, finds in fragmentation its distinctive feature.

Amari’s frontals are composed of two lateral uprights that incorporate many horizontal bars through a French-style junction, which is made even more firm by screws.

The door opening is significantly facilitated by a vertical groove system.

Amari: an island with endless possibilities

In Miton’s new collection Made In, Amari stands out for being a perfect mélange between the door – which names the kitchen and is only found in the columns – and the island of the kitchen Menta in laminate Fenix Grigio Efeso.

In the center of the composition, there is a monolithic block fragmented in many areas.

Indeed, it presents in the upper part a worktop in matt Quartz Metropolis Steel equipped with an upstand, which has the specific function of safeguarding the boundaries against possible liquids splashes and leaks. This element serves as an essential protection, but without sacrificing the aesthetic touch, thanks to the use of the same material of the worktop giving harmony to the whole.

In the central part of the island, there are instead, Frame Desks which together with the worktop form a nostalgic homage to the surfaces used to knead by generations of housewives.

In Miton’s Amari there is, therefore, the celebration of the Italian culinary tradition, reinterpreted substituting wood, once used for mixing water and yeast, with technical materials as quartz, matt black aluminum and smoked glass of the two shelves underneath.

The latter are overhung by drawers, in case you choose the model with the hob.

If, however, you choose the sink integrated into the island, the upper part of Frame desks will be composed of a firm frontal.

The back area of the monolithic block is supplied with the Lift-up mechanism, formed by Frame modules in matt black aluminum and drawers, that through a practical push-pull system, allow the extraction of a snack plane in wood rovere carbone.

It consists of an additional surface that can have two main functions: living conviviality moments during meal preparation or expanding the worktop.

Waind systems: aesthetical and functional areas in the kitchen

In Amari, the central module of the columns welcomes the Waind_K system.

This structure consists in a series of modular shelves that break the sequence of solids through a set of voids, making the composition more dynamic.

This modular project in bilaminate wood Rovere Terranera finish hosts a “space” column, designed for placing small appliance or accessories, which are usually located on the worktop, greatly reducing the work surface.

Different volumes and coating feature the shelves.

In fact, in the upper and lower part they present reduced dimensions and are highlighted by a dynamic matt lacquered back panel Rosso Tosca.

The central space is characterized for a greater capacity and for the back panel in matt quartz Metropolis Steel, which is the same material chosen for the worktop of the island, in an elegant game of internal references.

On the frontal board of the horizontal components, the carter high profile in black aluminum is grafted.

Moreover, the Waind_K system is equipped with black junctions, which have been designed not only with the function of linking different elements but also to smooth the connection between a module and the other.

The “space” column is predisposed for being enhanced with a beam of light which illuminates both the upper and lower part of the shelves through LED “duplex”.

Other Amari’s distinctive features are the double-sided Waind bookshelves in bilaminate wood Rovere Terranera.

They devoid of back panels, however, they are open from either side and transparent since both front and rear are equipped with Bellevue glass doors, made of anodized matt black aluminum frame with smoked glass.

This piece of furniture has a useful dividing function, but without creating a complete closure between the areas, since your eyes can easily wander thanks to the openings of the bookshelf.

In the end, it is possible to opt for Led Mire lightning on every shelf.



For further information about finishes and technical characteristics, visit the section dedicated to Amari.